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Buy Mattress Encasement Online was created by Sani Allergy – “The Hypoallergenic Lifestyle Concept”, we offer the very best Mattress Encasements available on the market. Our sister company Sani Service – “The Swiss Concept of Disinfection” provides the  Hypoallergenic Bed by Pristine Bed. These mattress encasements are Dust Mite proof and Allergy Control Mattress Covers. This service is provided by Sani Service and we service all of the UAE region. 

The Swiss Concept of Disinfection

Our bed encasements and our pillow encasement are made with  a special 100% polyester Pristine fabric making our dust mite and allergy control mattress covers the smallest pore size in the industry. Hence stopping dust mites, bed bugs and other allergens to live and breath in your mattress. Giving you a clean and healthy environment to sleep in.

Buy Mattress Encasement Online is your one stop shop to reduce the potentially harmful health risks you and your loved ones are taking by sleeping on bed bugs infested mattresses. Most don’t know but millions of these bed bugs, dust mites and other harmful allergens are living inside your own home, inside your own beds.

Our first goal at Sani Allergy is to provide you with as many allergy tips in order to respond quickly to all the allergies conditions you and your family may face.

Common allergies known are:

All of them are all collected in your living and bedding environment and is contributing to your family’s health problems, especially for those with allergies or asthma.

Our objective is to help you prevent the dust mite infestations in your living and sleeping environment. We know how to best eradicate dust mites.

At Sani Allergy we only use chemical and pesticide free materials which are proven to help reduce allergy infections by improving your sleeping experience and protecting your health.

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Sani Allergy delivers its products globally and throughout the Gulf region. Delivery is available in 48 hours within the UAE.

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Sani Allergy - The Hypoallergenic Lifestyle Concept in the Middle East, has been launched in a bid to help the rising rates of allergy sufferers in the region. is an online retailer offering mattress-encasements and other hypoallergenic solutions, developed to improve quality of life for those struggling with allergy symptoms.