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The Swiss concept of disinfection

Sani Service | A/C Cleaning Company in Dubai

Sani Service is our sister company based in Dubai, UAE. We operate all over the region. Our company is well reputed and recognized for the innovation and service we have brought to Dubai. We are the very first company in the Middle East to have launched and are providing The Swiss concept of disinfection. Our eco and chemical free products and our services ranges from banishing odors and microbes from our home, offices, motor car and even your yacht. Should you have mold on your walls and bad smells in your home or your office? You can contact us here or on Facebook.

Why encasing your mattress so important?

Simply for these 4 reasons:

  • Better Health
  • Sleep Better 
  • Improved Comfort
  • Reduced risk of illnesses and allergy outbreaks

Encasing your bed is the single most important step in controlling your exposure to indoor allergens at home. You spend up to 8 hours a night in your bed, so the bed is the best and most physician-recommended place to start. Mattresses, pillows and comforters provide a thriving environment for dust mites. There are up to 1 million dust mites living in any bed, waiting to feast off your dead skin cells, and causing you allergy symptoms with the fecal matter they leave behind.

Encasing your bed like a sealed envelope and act as a barrier to keep you from breathing in allergens and, depending on the encasing, to also protect you from bed bugs that can infest bedding. For complete protection, encase your pillows, mattress, box spring and comforter. Our hypoallergenic bed by pristine offers a complete encasing lines provide protection against dust mite allergens, pet dander and bed bugs. Our hypoallergenic bed encasing offer the best alternative for protection against dust mites and pet allergens. 

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs & Dust Mites Dubai

Perpetual Allergic Rhinitis (PAR) or Nasal anaphylaxes are sorts of Indoor Allergies that frequently happen when allergens are breathed in through our nose to our lungs. Some regular Indoor allergens are dander from house pets like crazy, micro dung of dust parasites and mold spores. Each one time we inhale air in we breathe in millions or dust particles, allergens, concoction poison and other remote matters.

A standout amongst the most intense wellspring of natural allergens are brought about by the basic house dust bugs and a few types of molds and they both flourish in warm, moist and dusty situations. These allergens are infinitesimal and can’t be seen by the stripped eye. The regular house dust parasite case in point measures one third of a millimeter and their eating regimen is made chiefly out of human skin pieces. These pieces are shed off all over the place including house furnitures, covering, bunk sheets and even in the stuffed toys. However chips and dust vermin (and their by-item) are not by any means the only issue. Family unit dust are made out of numerous different things like modest strands, dander from pets, microbes, minuscule vermin and organism, molds and spores.

Dust parasite squanders causes unfavorably susceptible responses and not the dust parasites themselves. The stool of a typical family clean parasite contains a protein that is a powerful allergen. Amid its life compass, a dust bug can create 200 times its weight in waste. Most types of dust parasites can’t endure low dampness or high temperatures yet after they pass on, they abandon their waste which pushes hypersensitive responses. Dust bugs can without much of a stretch carry on a year in a warm and nature’s turf.

As indicated by late studies, the most astounding centralization of dust vermin are generally found in the room more than anyplace else in the house, in this manner, to determination most issues including unfavorable susceptibilities we must consider beginning in our rooms first. Disposing of allergen source is the most ideal approach to diminish the impacts of allergens however vacuuming is insufficient to dispose of them as 95% of these parasites and their waste insert themselves profound into the cleft of our cushions, floor coverings and furnitures.

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Sani Allergy - The Hypoallergenic Lifestyle Concept in the Middle East, has been launched in a bid to help the rising rates of allergy sufferers in the region. is an online retailer offering mattress-encasements and other hypoallergenic solutions, developed to improve quality of life for those struggling with allergy symptoms.